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Хобби и развлеченияDressage from All Angles

Dressage from All Angles

Название: Dressage from All Angles.
Автор: Barry Marshall
Издательство: Hardcover
Год: 1996
Формат: pdf
Размер: 19 mb
Язык: английский.

Product Description
This book is an opportunity for all parties to benefit from the author's wealth of knowledge. Uniquely, he provides a lucid analysis of every aspect of training, and every test movement, from the viewpoint of the judge, trainer and rider. Moreover, he enhances his technical advice with a real understanding of the human issues involved - the demands, the pressures, the aspirations and the setbacks which are inevitable aspects of the often rocky road toward success. These issues, and the different viewpoints of the parties concerned, can sometimes lead to misunderstanding - even recrimination - amongst those who judge, teach and compete. Barry Marshall understands this very well, and it is a fundamental tenet of his work that all three groups, remembering their need for each other, should remain united in the ultimate aim of dressage; the physical and mental enhancement of the real key player - the horse.
About the Author
As a rider, Barry Marshall represented Great Britain in a number of international dressage competitions, including the 1978 World Championships. His involvement with the British dressage team continued as Chef d'Equipe at such prestigious events as the Barcelona Olympics, and he remains at the forefront of the dressage scene in his current role as International and World Cup judge. In addition to those responsibilities, he trains both horses and riders at Advanced Level and teaches and tests judges of all grades, being a member of the BHS Dressage Judges Committee. With this breadth of knowledge and depth of experience, Barry Marshall is exceptionally well placed to both take an overview of competitive dressage and to understand the concerns of individual participants, be they judges, trainers or riders.

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