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Гуманитарные наукиIrish English, volume 1 – Northern Ireland

Irish English, volume 1 – Northern Ireland
Автор: Karen P. Corrigan
Название: Irish English, volume 1 – Northern Ireland
Издательство: Edinburgh University Press
Страниц: 193
ISBN: 978 0 7486 3429 3
Язык: Irish English
Год: 2010
Формат: PDF
Размер: 1,77 MB
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

This volume provides an accessible overview of the English spoken in the Northern dialect regions of Ireland. The text begins with a basic overview of the location of the historical nine-county province of Ulster and the degree of contact its divergent peoples have had with the Republic of Ireland, as well as other areas of the British Isles and, more widely, within continental Europe and further abroad.

The volume also takes a complete inventory of the phonetic and phonological features of Northern varieties of Irish-English and its morphological and syntactic characteristics; the distinctive lexis of Northern Irish English; language contact and shift; and language changes in progress. Following a standard series structure, this book includes a survey of previous work, an annotated bibliography, and a selection of sample texts.

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