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Гуманитарные наукиUnsolved mysteries : reading and discussion for intermediate-level students

Unsolved mysteries : reading and discussion for intermediate-level students
Автор: George P. McCallum
Название: Unsolved mysteries : reading and discussion for intermediate-level students
Издательство: Thomas Nelson and Son Ltd
Год: 1990
ISBN: 0-17-555897-3
Формат: Djvu
Язык: Английский / English
Размер: 3.83 Мб
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Most people like a mystery and like playing detective; the challenge of solving a crime or other problem is always fun. Unsolved Mysteries is a book designed for intermediate-level students of English that.gives you such an opportunity. It contains some real-life mysteries, situations for which no solutions have ever been found (although many people have tried). Now you have your chance!
Apart from providing you with an enjoyable challenge, this book offers practice in the four skills of English: reading, writing, listening and speaking, with emphasis on reading and speaking.

Unsolved Mysteries is divided into ten lessons, each with the following format:
— The mystery
— A comprehension check on the reading in the form of true/false statements, multiple-choice questions and open-ended sentences.
— Language practice. This consists of a vocabulary and phrasal verb exercise which provides contextualisation and practice of some of the words and phrasal verbs in the reading, and a grammar point used in the reading, with a brief explanation of that point as well as an exercise based on it.
— Discussion. This is a discussion of the mystery, with an opportunity to solve it.
— Writing. This final section of the lesson allows you to express your own thoughts about the mystery. You may be asked to write a letter about it or to be a reporter writing an article for your newspaper, and so on.


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