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Гуманитарные наукиThe Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives

The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives
Автор: Eugene Ehrlich
Название: The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives
Издательство: Harper
Страниц: 271
ISBN: 0060186364
Язык: English
Год: 2002
Формат: PDF
Размер: 1 MB
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Adjectives have long suffered from bad press. For many years, English teachers have been fond of telling students that "adjectives are the enemy of nouns, and adverbs are the enemy of everything else." While it's still advisable to heed your English teacher's advice on most other matters, The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the Extraordinarily Literate proves that breaking certain rules can make written and spoken language that much livelier, adding much-needed color, style, and adornment. With this addition to the popular Highly Selective series, the "golden" adjective, at last, gets the star treatment it deserves. From adventitious to zaftig, renowned lexicographer Eugene Ehrlich has collected more than 850 of the most interesting and engaging adjectives in the English language and has provided concise definitions and instructive usage examples. Whether you're a writer, a speaker, or a word buff, this compendious, trenchant, laudable, and all-around fantabulous volume will help you put panache back into your prose.

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