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Фото и видеоHidden.The Conceptual Photography of Misha Gordin

Hidden.The Conceptual Photography of Misha Gordin

Название: Hidden.The Conceptual Photography of Misha Gordin
Издательство: Earth Aware Editions
Автор: Earth Aware Editions
Год: 2008
Количество страниц: 111
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12,2 Mb
Язык: English

Bound figures huddle in strangely orderly rows. Soaking wet, robed acolytes sweep a staircase. A chained, naked man faces an endless horizon. Oddly serene, a head bursts into flames. Misha Gordin has called the process of photography "similar to writing poetry," and indeed, this gorgeous collection establishes Gordin as a poet of the image who uses old-school, fine art techniques to exquisitely render dark and compelling alternative worlds and mysterious allegories. Through his process of “conceptual photography,” Gordin addresses some of the most primal questions in art and life: birth, death, and the nature of being.A rarity in the field, he makes his visual magic — which includes collage and repetition effects — without computer technology of any kind, using only traditional darkroom techniques that recall the earliest days of photography. This beautiful gift edition celebrates the literal fine art of one of the most innovative photographers working today.

About the Author
MISHA GORDIN graduated from Latvian technical college as an aviation engineer but never worked in this field. Instead he joined the Riga Motion Studios as a designer of equipment for special effects. Gordin started to take photographs when he was 19, driven by a desire to create his own personal style and vision. in 1974, after "years of disgust with communist authorities," Gordin left Riga for the United States. His early education has wonderfully informed his unique style and vision as a photographer today.

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