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Фото и видеоThe Hasselblad Manual, Sixth Edition

The Hasselblad Manual, Sixth Edition
Название:The Hasselblad Manual, Sixth Edition
Автор:Ernst Wildi
Издательство:Focal Press
Дата издания:2003-12-30
Формат: PDF
Размер: 37,9 MB

Readers will discover Hasselblad's enormous potential and its comprehensive range of lenses and accessories. Presented in an easily accessible format, this book shows not only the working and manipulation of individual cameras, but also provides insight into the ways in which these superb cameras and their ancillary equipment may be best utilized to create professional quality images. Detailed illustrations of the system dissect the equipment to show how it functions. The Hasselblad Manual also includes 80 photographs from well-known photographers, illustrating a variety of photographic techniques using a Hasselblad Camera.

* Covers new H1 camera system, new XPan II camera, new information about all V system cameras such as 905SWC, the El and 200 camera models
* Explains flash and close-up photography, digital imaging, effective use and operation of lenses.
* Shows the operation and best application of the different cameras for producing high quality images in different situations

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