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Фото и видеоTeach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements 9

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements 9

Название: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements 9
Издательство: Visuаl
Автор: Mike Wooldridge
Год: 2010
Количество страниц: 368
Формат: PDF
Размер: 22 mb
Язык: English

Learn to use the bestselling photo editing software the visual way!
Photoshop Elements offers professional-quality photo editing tools in a reasonably priced software package with user-friendly features. This book shows you how to use those features, with easy, step-by-step instructions illustrated with full-color screen shots. If you prefer to learn by seeing how things are done, this is the book you need to get up and running with the newest version of Photoshop Elements.
Photoshop Elements offers hobbyists as well as professional photographers top-quality image editing tools at a reasonable price; previous editions of this visual guide to the software have sold more than 85,000 copies
Designed for visual learners, this book explains dozens of common tasks with step-by-step instructions and full-color screen shots
Covers importing photos from cameras and scanners, retouching and repair, compositing, enhancing, changing print size and resolution, editing images for the Web, creating online photo galleries, incorporating graphics into desktop publishing projects, and much more
With Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements, you will see how things are done and quickly learn to edit and enhance your digital images like a pro.
Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer instructions that show you how to do something — and skip the long-winded explanations? If so, then this book is for you. Open it up and you'll find clear, step-by-step screen shots that show you how to tackle more than 160 Photoshop Elements 9 tasks. Each task-based spread covers a single technique, sure to help you get up and running on Photoshop Elements 9 in no time.

You'll learn to:
- Use the various selection tools
- Apply styles and effects
- Improve colors and sharpen images
- Organize your photo collection
- Create a smart album
- Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules
- Succinct explanations walk you through step by step
- Full-color screen shots demonstrate each task
- Helpful sidebars offer practical tips and tricks
- Step-by-step instructions
- Hundreds of color photos

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