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Фото и видеоLicensing Photography

Licensing Photography

Название: Licensing Photography
Издательство: Allworth Press
Автор: Richard Weisgrau, Victor Perlman
Год: 2006
Количество страниц: 208
Формат: PDF
Размер: 2 mb
Язык: English

Today, photographers can make every image pay and pay again by controlling and pricing the rights to their work. In Licensing Photography, a veteran photographer and a respected attorney team up to present the complex subject of licensing in clear, understandable terms. With this step-by-step guide, readers will be able to forge successful. Legally sound, and profitable agreements. Digital image and internet technology mean the market for licensing is bigger than ever—and Licensing Photography helps every photographer get a piece of the pie.

• All the tools a photographer needs to craft licensing agreements, price licenses, and negotiate fees
• Real-life examples, sample agreements, Q&A section, plus legal advice in layman’s terms

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