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ФантастикаYour Planet or Mine? (Otherworldly Men, Book 1)

Your Planet or Mine? (Otherworldly Men, Book 1)
Название:Your Planet or Mine? (Otherworldly Men, Book 1)
Автор:Susan Grant
Издательство:HQN Books
Дата издания:2006-08-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

At the age of nine, Jana rescues a glowing boy from a tree outside her bedroom window. She thinks of him as "Peter" and later convinces herself he was only her "imaginary" friend. Many years later, as a California state senator, she encounters an alien visitor in a supermarket. It's "Peter," real name Cavin, who has come to warn her that Earth has been designated for "acquisition" (supposedly benevolent) by the interstellar Coalition in whose military he is a high-ranking officer. Funny, tender, sexy, and suspenseful, this SF romance has it all. Jana is a delightful heroine, and her political dynasty family supplies a cast of likable supporting characters. In the process of deciding how to introduce Cavin to Earth's governments without either being dismissed as crazy or getting him locked up and "disappeared," she and Cavin have to combat Jana's political enemies as well as an extraterrestrial threat. Grant even manages to inspire some sympathy for the Terminator-like assassin pursuing Cavin. Along with the serious plot elements, there's plenty of fish-out-of-water fun as Jana helps Cavin adjust to the oddities of Earth culture and, of course, sexual tension as the two of them strive to resist their mutual attraction in order to keep focused on the crisis at hand. I loved every minute of this novel.

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