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ФантастикаUneasy Alliance (Thieves World, Bk 11)

Uneasy Alliance (Thieves World, Bk 11)
Название:Uneasy Alliance (Thieves World, Bk 11)
Автор:Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey
Дата издания:1988-08-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

I have probably mentioned here before that I have a long-standing love that I am nearly able to defend for the Thieves' World series. I have never lost my taste for the chaotic writers' world that started with the eponymous first book and ended with Stealer's Sky. I know that the quality is uneven. I recognize that sometimes the writers liked each other more than they liked us. But that, for me, was part of the fun. Anyhow, I have been rereading the series slowly over the last few years, and am disappointed to report that I am nearly done.

Book 11 is not one of the strongest books in Thieves' World. Although Book 10 is called Aftermath, book 11 has a strong Intermezzo feeling. Evidence, I guess, that the series was winding down. Magic has largely disappeared from Sanctuary; Daphne seems to be gaining a sense of perspective; Prince Kadakithis grows up; Ischade is still tortured. I was particularly fond of the Diana L. Paxson section on "The Vision of Lalo". This gives me hope that someday I will find a book that she has written which I actually enjoy.

Writers in Book 11 are: Robert Lynn Asprin, C.J. Cherryh, Jon DeCles, Chris Morris, C.S. Williams, Robin Wayne Bailey and Diana L. Paxson.

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