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ФантастикаDay of Fire (2176 Series, Book 2)

Day of Fire (2176 Series, Book 2)
Название:Day of Fire (2176 Series, Book 2)
Автор:Kathleen Nance
Издательство:Love Spell
Дата издания:2004-05
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:4.00 MB

"Day of Fire" is the second book in a five book series set in the year 2176. "The Legend of Banzai McGuire," by Susan Grant, was the first of the five books, and introduced the premise that the world has changed greatly since the 21st century due to a series of wars and plagues. The old political boundaries have disappeared, to be replaced by nation-states -- Canada has been isolated from the rest of the world due to repeated smallpox epidemics. Recently, someone known as the Shadow Voice has been broadcasting calls to revolution all over the world, including Canada.

"Day of Fire" skillfully recounts the story of Day Daniels, a 22nd century member of the Canadian Mounties, and her uneasy partnership with Lian Firebird, a plague hunter. Kathleen Nance is an excellent story teller -- she draws the reader in immediately with Day's almost humorous encounter with some college students who take over a huge concrete sculpture of a moose in order to broadcast a message from the Shadow Voice. The encounter quickly turns dangerous and deadly and Day looses her partner to a murderer. On an order from the Prime Minister, Day and Lian become partners so they can discover the person or group who wants to unlease a new plague on Canada.

While the action comes fast and furious, Nance also explores the at first uneasy partnership that is spiced with a strong sexual attraction. Both Day and Lian have baggage from the past that could keep them apart in the future; unlike far too many novels of this type, the conflicts are realistic and not just the result of a contrived misunderstanding. Day and Lian are fully developed characters, and the author also has created memorable secondary charcters as well. This is a much more detailed and complex work than Grant's "Legend of Banzai McGuire" which lead off the series, which is why I rated it as 5 stars and "Banzai McGuire" with 4 stars. Nance has a good ear for dialogue and also a writing style that contains details this reader enjoys in a futurist novel (hockey is still the national sport of Canada & just as prone to violence as it is today, for example).

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