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ФантастикаFaerie Lord (The Faerie Wars Chronicles, Book 4)

Faerie Lord (The Faerie Wars Chronicles, Book 4)
Название:Faerie Lord (The Faerie Wars Chronicles, Book 4)
Автор:Herbie Brennan
Издательство:Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Дата издания:2007-12-26
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:5.00 MB

It has been two years since Henry left the Faerie Realm and he has still not adjusted to life back in the Analogue World. But when Henry finds a middle aged Pyrgus in Mr. Fogarty's backyard, he is compelled to return to the world he left so suddenly. A mysterious plague is spreading throughout the Realm causing faeries to age rapidly. No one knows what is causing it or how to cure it. Pyrgus has a plan that Henry must be a part of but can't include his sister, the Faerie Queen, no matter how much she persists. However, almost immiediately upon Henry's return, an unlikely person transports him away from the Realm and he is forced to fend for himself in a hostile land.
ВВВВВВВВВВВ Elsewhere, Lord Hairstreak, Brimstone and Chalkhill are putting their own plan into motion that may be the undoing of the entire Realm without their even realizing it. The final installment of the Faerie Wars Chronicles is riveting presents and exciting and riveting conclusion to the adventures of Henry Atherton and the Faerie Realm.

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