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ФантастикаBlack is for Beginnings (Blue Is for Nightmares, Book 5)

Black is for Beginnings (Blue Is for Nightmares, Book 5)
Название:Black is for Beginnings (Blue Is for Nightmares, Book 5)
Автор:Laurie Faria Stolarz
Дата издания:2009-09-08
Формат:epub, fb2
Размер:108.00 MB

It's happening again...
The BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES series that put a spell on more than half a million readers continues - in graphic novel format!В
Prophetic dreams.ВNear-brushes with death. Killers pursuing her and her friends. Stacey Brown knows that being a hereditary witch isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Stacey's nightmares are back. And all she wants to do is go to Colorado and work things out with Jacob, who hasn't been able to remember her since he lost his memory in his brush with death. But before Stacey and Jacob can have a future, they must face their pasts.ВBlack is for BeginningsВreveals the never-before-seen backstory—and what lies ahead—for the young, spellcasting lovers.
Praise for BlackВis for Beginnings:

"Taking Stolarz's Blue Is for Nightmares series into the graphic-novel realm is a bold idea, and it pays off in this morbidly entertaining and surprisingly romantic page-turner."—Booklist
В"The half-million readers of Laurie Faria Stolarz's paranormal mystery series will be happy with this shift to graphic style, offering as it does the pleasure of putting faces on characters, its visualized eeriness and vibrant displays of emotion...The graphic style allows Stolarz to distill the story while simultaneously dropping hints about Stacey and Jacob's supernatural talents, luring new readers to the series."—Kirkus Reviews
Awards and Praise for the Blue is for Nightmares series:
• A 2007 YALSA Popular Paperback
• A 2005 YALSA Quick Pick
• A 2004 YALSA Teen Top Ten Nominee

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