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ФантастикаAngel Fire East (The Word and the Void Trilogy, Book 3)

Angel Fire East (The Word and the Void Trilogy, Book 3)
Название:Angel Fire East (The Word and the Void Trilogy, Book 3)
Автор:Terry Brooks
Издательство:Del Rey
Дата издания:2000-09
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:5.00 MB

As a Knight of the Word, John Ross has struggled against the dark forces of the Void and his minions for twenty-five years.ВВThe grim future he dreams each night-- a world reduced to blood and ashes--will come true, unless he can stop them now, in the present.ВВ

The birth of a gypsy morph, a rare and dangerous creature that could be an invaluable weapon in his fight against the Void, brings John Ross and Nest Freemark together again. Twice before, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the lives of Ross and Nest have intersected. Together, they have prevailed.ВВBut now they will face an ancient evil beyond anything they have ever encountered, a demon of ruthless intelligence and feral cunning.ВВAs a firestorm of evil erupts, threatening to consume lives and shatter dreams, they have but a single chance to solve the mystery of the Gypsy morph--and their own profound connection.

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