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ФантастикаThe Only One

The Only One
Название:The Only One
Автор:Christine Feehan, Susan Squires, Susan Grant
Издательство:Leisure Books
Дата издания:2003-05-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

There have been lots of plot synopses and comments for the various stories... I'm going to step forward with some important info that a casual reader may not notice about this book:

THE ONLY ONE is an anthology of three novella--each a sequel in some way, shape or form. Presumably the idea is that readers of one world will buy the book, read the other novella, and search out the other volumes to the various worlds. An interesting concept--but with one flaw. Unless you read these series, these short novella are NOT going to be as interesting.

So--if you enjoy Grant's STAR series, or SQUIRES' Sacrament, or if you collect Feehan's DARK stories--you may want this anthology. If you read all three, it's a definite must-buy, just to see what these authors add to their worlds... if you haven't read anything from any of them... give the anthology a skip and pick up the first book from the world that MOST interests you.

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