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ФантастикаThe Howling II: The Return

The Howling II: The Return
Название:The Howling II: The Return
Автор:Gary Brandner
Издательство:Legend paperbacks
Дата издания:1984-04-17
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:2.00 MB

Thank God for Gary Brandner's The Howling II. I was beginning to think I couldn't make it through another novel without quitting. Don't get me wrong, The Howling II is no great literary masterpiece, but it is a quick, easy read; a pulp-fiction delight, and I liked it. Hell, I really liked it! It's been three years since the tiny village of Drago burned to the ground, and the only two known survivors (according to the Los Angeles UPI) Karyn Beatty and Christopher Halloran have long since split from each other following what can best be described as a mutual destructive binge immediately following the burning. You see, they can't forget Drago, and all that went down there, and the dreadful howling that still haunts their dreams. But Karyn is working to escape her past; she has remarried and has a young stepson and is undergoing professional counseling. But recently she's been getting these uneasy feelings that someone may be watching her, and she's hearing soft noises in their house late at night, and her beloved house plants are sick and dying, and the howling has started up again. If I have one regret, it's that I didn't read Howling I before Howling II, but as far as I know, I didn't miss anything. I have heard that the first book is a pulp-fiction masterpiece. I can't wait till I locate a copy and find out for myself.

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