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ФантастикаThe Kingless Land (Band of Four, Vol. 1)

The Kingless Land (Band of Four, Vol. 1)
Название:The Kingless Land (Band of Four, Vol. 1)
Автор:Ed Greenwood
Издательство:Tor Fantasy
Дата издания:2001-02-15
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:2.60 MB

Aglirta is known as the Kingless Land--once prosperous and peaceful, it has now fallen into lawlessness, studded with feuding baronies engaged in a constant state of war. The only hope for peace lies in the legend of the Sleeping King: destined to rise and restore peace when the Dwaerindim stones are recovered.

Lady Embra Silvertree is the sorceress daughter of a bellicose baron with an eye towards world domination. She has been imprisoned by her father who hopes to use her as a magical battery to fortify his castle. When a pair of good natured rogues attempt to steal one of her jewel encrusted gowns, they are quickly enlisted as allies to help her escape and, with the aid of a shape-shifting cleric, to seek out the Dwaerindim.

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