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ФантастикаSilver's Edge (Reader's Choice)

Silver's Edge (Reader's Choice)
Название:Silver's Edge (Reader's Choice)
Автор:Anne Kelleher
Дата издания:2005-07-01
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:6.00 MB

Through the Shadowlands: where the touch of silver was protections, power and peril.
Unwillingly entwined . . .

There is more danger than usual in the Otherworld of the Sidhe and the mortal world of the Shadowlands. An unlikely group of conspirators -- both mortal and Sidhe -- plot to overthrow both thrones. They'd stolen the silver caul that protected the borders between the realms -- and set into motion a most perilous war.
A blacksmith's daughter, a Sidhe lady, a mortal queen.
Three women stand against the encroaching evil. All they have is a girl's love for her father, a lady's for her queen -- and a queen's for her country. Nessa, Delphinea and Cecily are each driven by a personal destiny, yet share a fierce sense of love, justice and determination to protect what is theirs. Will the spirit and strength of these women be enough to turn back the tide of the goblin hordes waiting to overrun the kingdoms?
Perhaps. But the battle must still be fought . . .

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