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Естественные наукиKillifishes of the World: New World Killis (Aqualog Reference Books)

Killifishes of the World: New World Killis (Aqualog Reference Books)Название: Killifishes of the World: New World Killis (Aqualog Reference Books)
Автор: Lothar Seegers
Издательство: Aquaristik - Consulting & Service
ISBN: 3931702766
Год: 2000
Страниц: 166
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 38.5МБ
Язык: английский / немецкий
Although in the 70s and 80s it was the "Dark Continent" of Africa which continually provided new and beautiful killifishes never before seen, since then it has become increasingly apparent that South America is also home to killifishes which are in no way inferior to their Old World cousins in terms of interesting behaviour and coloration. In the last few years not only new species, but also several new genera, have been discovered there.
At present a total of 36 different genera are known from the New World, as opposed to "only" 22 on the other side of the Atlantic. The latter have already been covered comprehensively in the two AQUALOG volumes of "Old World Killies". The American killifishes are also extraordinarily diverse in form, as will be quite apparent from this latest volume. This book is the first in the entire history of the aquarium hobby - and ichthyology - to provide this kind of full and comprehensive overview of the New World killifishes using colour photographs. This applies to the North American species as well as those of the South American continent. A full overview of the genus Cyprinodon is provided, even including some forms that are now extinct.
As well as the aforementioned Cyprinodon, the species of the genera Cynolebias, Pterolebias, Rivulus, and Simpsonichthys, as well as the Fundulus species of North America, are focal points of this volume, which, however, also includes the representatives of the many other smaller genera.

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