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Естественные наукиDidactical Phenomenology of Mathematical Structures (Mathematics Education Library)

Didactical Phenomenology of Mathematical Structures (Mathematics Education Library)
Название:Didactical Phenomenology of Mathematical Structures (Mathematics Education Library)
Автор:Hans Freudenthal
Дата издания:1999-12-31
Размер: 5.19 MB

Our mathematical concepts, structures, ideas have been invented as tools to organise the phenomena of the physical, social and mental world. Phenomenology of a mathematical concept, structure, or idea means describing it in its relation to the phenomena for which it was created, and to which it has been extended in the learning process of mankind, and, as far as this description is concerned with the learning process of the young generation, it is didactical phenomenology, a way to show the teacher the places where the learner might step into the learning process of mankind. Not in its history but in its learning process that still continues, which means dead ends must be cut and living roots spared and reinforced.

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