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Естественные наукиEquine Neonatal Medicine: A Case-Based Approach

Equine Neonatal Medicine: A Case-Based Approach

Автор:Mary Rose Paradis DVM MS DACVIM (LAIM)
Название: Equine Neonatal Medicine: A Case-Based Approach
Издательство: Hardcover
Год: 2006
Формат: pdf
Размер: 28 mb
Язык: Английский.
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Neonatology is well recognised as a challenging and unique area of equine practice. The diseases encountered and their pathogenesis, along with the treatment methods and protocols employed, require a sound knowledge of neonatal immunology and the various challenges the newborn foal encounters in its new, extra-uterine environment.

This book, by Mary Rose Paradis, attempts to use a number of co-authors (mostly from the US, along with Sarah Stoneham from Rossdale and Partners and Bettina Dunkel from the RVC) to share their experience and knowledge.

Each author presents a case that develops as the chapter progresses. The text between the sections detailing the case allows for discussion of the pathogenesis, diagnosis (and differential diagnosis) and treatment options of the various related syndromes and diseases; and, at each point, returns to the specific diagnosis and treatments made for the individual case that is presented.

The author's aim is to present the science behind equine neonatology in a format that will encourage the reader to question and understand the cases and, therefore, hold their attention.

The text is complemented by a large number of colour photographs, ultrasound or radiographic images, tables and diagrams.

Overall, this book successfully achieves what is sets out to do. It presents the common problems faced in neonatal medicine in a format that is readable and informative. I found that basing the text around clinical cases certainly makes the reader feel more involved.

At less than £60, it is not overpriced in comparison to similar books. It would prove useful to the enthusiastic veterinary student or veterinary surgeon.

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