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Естественные наукиAn Introduction to Chemistry

An Introduction to Chemistry
Название:An Introduction to Chemistry
Автор:Mark Bishop
Издательство:Benjamin Cummings
Дата издания:2001-12-06
Размер:19.00 MB

This book teaches chemistry at an appropriate level of rigor while removing the confusion and insecurity that impairs success. Prep chem frequently intimidates people; Bishop's text shows them how to break the material down and master it. The system of objectives tells readers exactly what they must learn in each chapter and where to find it. The text and superb illustrations provide a solid conceptual framework and address misconceptions. From that basis, readers learn to strategize problems and solve them in logical steps. The Examples and Exercises give plenty of confidence-building practice; the end-of-chapter problems test the reader's mastery. For college instructors and students.

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