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Естественные наукиLectures on Polytopes

Lectures on Polytopes

Название: Lectures on Polytopes
Издательство: Springer
Автор: Gunter M. Ziegler
Год: 1998
Количество страниц: 370
Формат: DJVU
Размер: 5 mb
Язык: English

Based on a graduate course at the Technische Universität, Berlin, these lectures present a wealth of material on the modern theory of convex polytopes. The straightforward exposition features many illustrations, and complete proofs for most theorems. With only linear algebra as a prerequisite, it takes the reader quickly from the basics to topics of recent research. The lectures introduce basic facts about polytopes, with an emphasis on methods that yield the results, discuss important examples and elegant constructions, and show the excitement of current work in the field. They will provide interesting and enjoyable reading for researchers as well as students.

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