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Естественные наукиOrganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Автор: John McMurry
Название: Organic Chemistry
Издательство: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 0495112585
Год: 2007
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 72 mb; 1344 pages

Succeed in your course with the help of this proven best-seller! John McMurry's ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is consistently praised as the most clearly written book available for the course. In John McMurry's words: "I wrote this book because I love writing. I get great pleasure and satisfaction from taking a complicated subject, turning it around until I see it clearly from a new angle, and then explaining it in simple words." Through his lucid writing and ability to show the beauty and logic of organic chemistry, McMurry makes learning enjoyable. The highest compliment that can be given to a chemistry book applies to McMurry: It works!

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