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Естественные наукиPractical Quantum Mechanics I. (Classics in Mathematics)

Practical Quantum Mechanics I. (Classics in Mathematics)
Название:Practical Quantum Mechanics I. (Classics in Mathematics)
Автор:Siegfried Flugge
Дата издания:1998-12-17
Формат: PDF
Размер: 26,71 mb

From the reviews: "Anyone who has taught a course of quantum mechanics knows the difficulty of providing practical examples which are within the mathematical competence of the students and can be completed in a reasonable time. In this book will be found 219 problems, together with their solutions, which will greatly extend the repertoire. (...) The first volume deals exclusively with one-body problems without spin. (...) In the second volume the problems cover a wider range and include illustrations of the introduction of spin, the interactions between two and three particles, quantum statistics and the Dirac relativistic equation with shorter sections on non-stationary problems and radiation theory. (...)" Nature, Sept. 10, 1971.
"The student who can master these problems will have a good grasp of the practical applications of quantum theory and, therefore, of the basic concepts as well. I recommend the book unreservedly." The Australian Physicist, Mai 1972.

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