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Естественные наукиCockroach (Animal)

Cockroach (Animal)
Название:Cockroach (Animal)
Автор:Marion Copeland
Издательство:Reaktion Books
Дата издания:2004-04-15
Размер:1.80 MB

In Cockroach we discover the extraordinary natural history, symbolism and cultural significance of a poorly understood and much-maligned insect. Traditionally a loathed pest, a food delicacy and a valued source for cures in folk and homeopathic medicine; nowadays, the cockroach has a much broader appeal-as evidenced by the annual World Championship Cockroach Races held in Brisbane, Australia, and the Cockroach Hall of Fame in Texas. In addition to the positive roles it has played in a number of recent works of fiction, the cockroach is also an inspiration for graphic artists, modelers and photographers.

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