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Естественные наукиEcology Revisited: Reflecting on Concepts, Advancing Science

Ecology Revisited: Reflecting on Concepts, Advancing Science
Название:Ecology Revisited: Reflecting on Concepts, Advancing Science
Автор:Astrid Schwarz, Kurt Jax
Дата издания:2011-03-29
Размер: 55 MB

As concerns about humankind's relationship with the environment move inexorably up the agenda, this volume tells the story of the history of the concept of ecology itself and adds much to the historical and philosophical debate over this multifaceted discipline. The text provides readers with an overview of the theoretical, institutional and historical formation of ecological knowledge. The varied local conditions of early ecology are considered in detail, while epistemological problems that lie on the borders of ecology, such as disunity and complexity, are discussed. The book traces the variou...

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