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Дом и СемьяArchitects and Architecture of London

Architects and Architecture of London
Название: Architects and Architecture of London
Автор: Kenneth Allinson
Издательство: Architectural Press
Год: 2008-11-05
ISBN: 0750683376
Формат: pdf
Размер: 31,4 MB

The guide explains why London is the way it is. It helps you link the historical and contemporary into a single pattern of significant places, spaces and buildings. It highlights old and new as a lively and vibrant pattern of on-going creative activity rooted in established urban patterns. It names the most famous and creative architects and describes their most notable buildings that you can visit and experience. Above all, the guide makes London, its buildings, place, and spaces both meaningful and a joy to explore. London's greatest architects come alive as figures who still have something to say. And the works of its contemporary architects are seen to fit into a long established framework that is the underlying life and soul of a great city.

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