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Дом и СемьяStories for Children Magazine September 2008

Stories for Children Magazine September 2008Size: EXE (8.68 mb)
Language: English
Released Date: September 2008
Category: Magazine
Pages: 44

From The Editor:
When I was six, my Dad took me to his office. I was fascinated watching all the teletype machines whirring away, typing out mysterious messages from all around the world. That was the first time I realized there was a world 'out there' other than my own. My second realization came when my grandfather became a world traveler and sent me letters and a sample of the money from each country he visited. One day, Grandpa brought home a foreign visitor from Pakistan. It was really exciting! I've come full circle now because my daughter married a man from Pakistan. I look at my grandchildren's dear little faces and get a glimpse of far-away places, and yet familiar places as well. They give me hope for the future of our world.
Through the magic of the Internet, cell phones, text messaging, etc, we are able to stay in touch with each other in an instant. Yet, with all these wonderful gadgets that keep us in touch, we all have so much to learn about each other. Once we understand the cultures of people across Planet Earth, we will see how people are different from us and also how people are the same as us. With knowledge, there is understanding.

My sister Pat was a teacher and a lover of history. Her joy on this earth was to learn everything she could about people around the world-their culture, their faith, their way of life. I hope you learn something new from our September issue about the world around you and the lovely people that are your fellow earth citizens.

Happy September, Happy Fall, Happy Back to School!

Gayle Jacobson-Huset
Managing Editor

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