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Дом и СемьяThe A-z of Home Security

The A-z of Home Security
Автор: D. G. Conway
Название: The A-z of Home Security: How to Keep Your Home and Family Safe from Crime
Издательство:How to Books
Год: 2009
Кол-во страниц: 170
Формат: Pdf
Размер: 10,7 MB
Язык: Английский

Crime statistics indicate that a burglary takes place on average every 30 seconds. This book will show you how to greatly reduce the risk of becoming a crime statistic yourself. It will show you how to perform a security review on your home and lifestyle; how to identify a range of vulnerabilities, threats and risks; and how to take the countermeasures that will make it highly unlikely that you become a victim of crime. The measures are mostly simple, and all are designed to be implemented with the minimum cost and effort.

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