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Для детейThe Painter's Cat

The Painter's Catназвание : The Painter's Cat
автор: Sharon L. Wooding
год: 2002-01
издатель : Putnam Pub Group Juv
формат: pdf
страниц: 34
Reading level: Ages 2-4
Language: English
ISBN : 9781590194737
размер архива: 2,64 мб

Feeling neglected by his master, Micio the cat leaves the artist's rooms and takes to the streets of Venice.
Driven home by hunger and bad weather, he finds a warm welcome and an explanation for the painter's lack of attention.
Lorenzo has been painting a religious work, with Micio in the very center. Wooding's story was inspired by a 16th-century painting of the Annunciation by Lorenzo Lotto, in which a cat witnesses the appearance of the angel to the Virgin Mary.
This picture book, constructed to explain an actual painting, has little drama and no particular merit as a narrative work. However, it does offer some wonderful illustrations.
The streets and canals of Renaissance Venice, the furnishings of the artist's home, and the gaily dressed townspeople are painted with soft ocher tones, muted blues, and rose. Micio is realistically rendered as a playful pet.
Fixed within a delicate, antique border, the pictures are a tribute to the research Wooding has done on Lotto and his times.
The book is useful as a window into the Renaissance period, and will appeal to cat lovers.

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