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Для детейA Monkey Baby Grows Up

A Monkey Baby Grows Up название : A Monkey Baby Grows Up (Baby Animals)
автор: Joan Hewett
год: 2004-04
издатель : Carolrhoda Books
формат: pdf
страниц: 33
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Language: English
ISBN : 9781575056326
размер архива: 4,83 мб

Simple text and average-quality photos combine to introduce a charming newborn African monkey, a red-crowned mangabey.

Following the primate throughout the Los Angeles Zoo's specially designed habitat, Hewett photographed Gabbie on stone-wall perches, clipped-grass patches, leafless boughs, and bamboo bridge frames. Meager information about her physical and social development is revealed as she progresses from a clinging, suckling baby to a bold, curious explorer accepting fruit treats from zookeepers. While the book ends with the animal's sixth month, a time line generalizes her life to her first birthday, completed by more information about monkeys and zoos. There is no need for the seven-entry index that appears on the copyright page.
A book best left for the zoo's gift shop.

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