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Дизайн и графикаBasic Photography

Basic Photography
Название:Basic Photography, Seventh Edition
Автор:Michael Langford
Издательство:Focal Press
ISBN: 0240515927
Год: 2000
Формат: PDF
Размер: 19 MB

'Basic Photography' is a longstanding international bestseller and continues to be the introductory textbook for photography courses throughout the world. — Key features: — practical assignments, so you can put into practice what you've learned — chapter summaries for easy revision — a clear and concise approach to essential photographic principles, assuming no prior knowledge

comprehensive coverage of both black and white photography, processing and printing; colour photography, digital manipulation and film processing

suitability for students of all ages and all photographic courses

This new edition now includes:

extended coverage of digital imaging techniques: from capturing images digitally, to scanning and using manipulation software and the ethics involved

updated and re-structured contents to suit the new Art (Photography) A Level

hundreds of stunning full colour photographs throughout illustrating the main points from the text inspirational images from world famous photographers including: Bill Brandt; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Edward Weston and David Hockney.

The late Michael Langford formerly taught at the Royal College of Art for many years, becoming Course Director. He was intimately involved with photography courses and examination syllabuses at all levels and as a result fully understood what a student needed. His other books for Focal Press include 'Starting Photography' 2nd edition, 'Advanced Photography' 6th edition, and 'Story of Photography' 2nd edition. 'Advanced Photography' is the companion volume to 'Basic Photography', and for students wishing to progress further, will take the aspiring photographer a step forward on the ladder to a career in photography.

Practically targeted at the new A-level syllabus so you can improve your technical skills

Get up to date with what's on offer, the advantages and disadvantages of digital photography

New, practical step-by-step instruction on digital imaging

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