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Дизайн и графикаCasual Game Design: Designing Play for the Gamer in ALL of Us

Casual Game Design: Designing Play for the Gamer in ALL of UsАвтор: Gregory Trefry
Название: Casual Game Design: Designing Play for the Gamer in ALL of Us
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Год: 2010
Страниц: 253
ISBN: 0123749530, 978-0123749536
Формат: pdf
Размер: 12 Мб
Язык: Английский
Качество: хорошее

From Windows Solitaire to Bejeweled to Wii Tennis, casual games have radically changed the landscape of games. By simplifying gameplay and providing quick but intense blasts of engaging play, casual games have drawn in huge new audiences of players. To entertain and engage the casual player, game designers must learn to think about what makes casual games work, from game mechanics to narrative content. Through the close examination of a number of casual games, you will learn how to inject the necessary game design elements into your casual games and give your designs the complexity and strategy they need to hook gamers. You will learn:
* Analyzing and dissecting the mechanics that make a game engaging
* How to look for game design inspiration in everything from games to playful activities
* Stripping down game ideas to the core element of fun and build from there
* Combining established mechanics into entirely new games
*Endorsed by the IGDA - The International Game Developer's Association


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