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Дизайн и графика50 Fast Photoshop 7 Techniques

50 Fast Photoshop 7 Techniques

Name: 50 Fast Photoshop 7 Techniques
Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date: May 24, 2002
Library of Congress Control Number:2002106031
ISBN: 0-7645-3672-9
Size: 24mb

50 Fast Photoshop "X" Techniques for is an immensely useful book for anyone wanting to take advantage of the very latest release of the world's top digital imaging tool, Adobe Photoshop.

The techniques are valuable to both pros and hobbyists alike - theyenable everyone to enjoy successful creation of fine art images andprints! The step-by-step and richly illustrated collection of awesometechniques are easily accessible and understandable to users on everylevel.
This is a new kind of Photoshop book-one that can help both casualusers through professional users save time while creating professionalquality images and effects!

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