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Дизайн и графикаComputer Graphics

Computer Graphics
Название: Computer Graphics
Автор: Nobuhiko Mukai
Издательство: InTech
ISBN: 9789535104551
Год: 2012
Страниц: 265
Формат: PDF
Размер: 37,6 Mb
Язык: Английский

This book covers the most advanced technologies for both types. It also includes some visualization techniques and applications for motion blur, virtual agents and historical textiles. This book provides useful insights for researchers in computer graphics.

1 Approach to Representation of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets Using Computational Methods of Computer Graphics
2 Self-Organizing Deformable Model: A Method for Projecting a 3D Object Mesh Model onto a Target Surface
3 Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Collision Detection
4 Modeling and Visualization of the Surface Resulting from the Milling Process
5 A Border-Stable Approach to NURBS Surface Rendering for Ray Tracing
6 Design and Implementation of Interactive Flow Visualization Techniques
7 Simulations with Particle Method
8 Fast Local Tone Mapping, Summed-Area Tables and Mesopic Vision Simulation
9 Volume Ray Casting in WebGL
10 Motion and Motion Blur Through Green's Matrices
11 Maxine: Embodied Conversational Agents for Multimodal Emotional Communication
12 To See the Unseen - Computer Graphics in Visualisation and Reconstruction of Archaeological and Historical Textiles
13 Developing an Interactive Knowledge-Based Learning Framework with Support of Computer Graphics and Web-Based Technologies for Enhancing Individuals' Cognition, Scientific, Learning Performance and Digital Literacy Competences
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