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Дизайн и графика101 Graphical Techniques

101 Graphical Techniques

Название: 101 Graphical Techniques
Издательство: Asian Books
Автор: Kishore K. Das, Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee
Год: 2008
Количество страниц: 244
Формат: PDF
Размер: 3 mb
Язык: English

The title "101 Graphical Techniques", itself indicates the very purpose of the book. Data visualization or graphical representation of Statistical data is now an emerging subfield of Statistics. Though various graphical techniques existed in statist!cal literature but some very common graphical techniques are found to replicate themselves in almost all books and journals. But with the advances in the field of technology the use of graphics has increased many times. Today, graphical methods play an important role in all aspects of statistical investigation-it begins with explanatory plots, supports various stages of analysis and helps in the final communication and display of results. These days we see extensive use of graphics in print media, television news, sports coverage, advertisement etc. And this gives us an idea about the development of statistical graphics.

Most of the recent versions of statistical software are now producing high-resolution selfexplanatory graphics and is adding number of more graphs in every recent version of their product. However, the software packages do not provide sufficient text to support the purpose and interpretation of the relatively less common graphics and this in turn restrict their use. Social scientists can now get their data analyzed by using graphical tools that are handy and easier compared to other statistical methods.

But absence of proper text has hindered the development of graphics and there use
is restricted even though software is available for producing the graphs. The graphical techniques, if used can reduce a lot of calculations that is involved with other statistical techniques in reaching to a conclusion. A number of data analyst and research workers are in search of a text which can act as a torch bearer in the world of statistical graphics.
Various universities of Europe and USA have started to develop specialized courses
on "Data Visualization" or "Statistical Graphics". The trend is soon going to enter
different parts of the globe and this book can be considered a handy material for
"Statistical Graphics".

The book comprises of 10 I statistical plots that can be used for analysis, display
and comparison of data. Data sets are provided with most of the plots and relevant
calculation if any are also shown. The variables considered along the axes are highlighted and the interpretation of the graph is also discussed. The uses of each of the graphical tool are forwarded along with some related statistical/graphical tools.

* Extensive point wise discussion about many known and unknown graphical tools * Live data set of reach plot * Related statistical tool for each plot * Helps the reader to choose appropriate plot for his/her data * Illustrations of teach graphical tool with all relevant accessories

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