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ДизайнDigital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter 11

Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter 11Автор: Rhoda Grossman
Название: Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter 11
Издательство: Course Technology PTR
Год: 2009 | 239 pages
ISBN: 1598638939
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15,3 MB
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org

Unlock your digital artistic talent with Corel Painter 11, the industry standard for pixel-based drawing and painting. Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter 11 provides step-by-step instructions for using the basic features of Painter 11 along with a Wacom graphics tablet.
Created for artists by artists, Painter 11 realistically emulates the look of traditional painting and drawing in any style you choose. You’ll start with simple sketching exercises immediately, to acquire and sharpen essential skills such as eye-hand coordination and drawing what you see. As you develop familiarity with Painter’s wide array of brushes and art materials, you’ll be introduced to traditional art concepts such as composition, line quality, contrast, and focal points. Projects ranging from still life and landscape studies to portraits and abstract painting will help you practice and master each new skill, and the book is full of images that illustrate every technique as you progress through it. Whether you are a new artist or an experienced artist who wants to apply your skills to the digital medium, this book will help you get the hang of Painter 11’s tools and features, as well as hone and perfect your painting and drawing fundamentals, skills that can be applied to any artistic medium.

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