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ДизайнMasonry Construction Manual

Masonry Construction Manual

Автор: Günter Pfeifer, Rolf Ramcke
Издательство: Birkhäuser Basel
Дата публикации: October 29, 2001
ISBN: 3764365439
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 390
Размер: 79 MB

The Masonry Construction Manual examines the wide range of possibilities stone and brickwork offer in building. It documents in great detail the technical principles and methods of building with these materials, examines their properties, the sizes and forms of bricks and stones, the bonds, and the behaviour of stone and brickwork under stress. In addition, full information is provided on the requirements with respect to heat, damp, sound-proofing and fire protection, and the most recent standards and norms are listed. Finally, a large number of built examples are presented, complete with plans and details, all of which illustrate the many applications of stone and brickwork in contemporary construction.

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