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ДизайнDesign for Outdoor Recreation

Design for Outdoor Recreation
Название: Design for Outdoor Recreation
Автор: Simon Bell
Издательство: Spon Press
Год: 1997
Страниц: 224
ISBN: 0419203508
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Размер: 10,6 MB

This book takes a fresh, up-to-date look at all aspects of design of facilities needed by visitors to outdoor recreation destinations. This manual for planners, designers and managers enables them to find the best balance between their own needs, the carrying capacity of The book is follows the thought processes and physical requirements of visitors, from their perspective. This idea is followed step-by-step from setting off for a destination to the arrival and the visit itself, broken down into a range of different aspects, such as information needs, car parking, picnicking, hiking a trail, recreation by water, wildlife watching and camping. The book is fully illustrated with sketches, diagrams and photographs, many in colour, taken from a wide range of locations in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and elsewhere.


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