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ЧеловекWeight Training Basics

Weight Training Basics
Название:Weight Training Basics
Автор:Thomas Fahey
Дата издания:2005-02-18
Размер:3.50 MB

From a longtime physical education expert, proven techniques and helpful nutrition advice for building a bigger, better physique
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Weight Training Basics is the complete guide to strength building for men and women who want to take charge of their physical fitness. Based on the popular Basic Weight Training for Men and Women--widely used in physical education programs across the country--this comprehensive book gives beginning lifters step-by-step guidance to develop their own personalized program. It also features dozens of photographs demonstrating proper form so you know you are doing each exercise right.
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Weight Training Basics also includes:
An overview of muscle anatomy .
Detailed weight-lifting techniques for injury-free training .
Specific exercises grouped by body region .
Tips on nutrition and losing body fat .
A training log for tracking progress .

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