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ЧеловекThe Globalization of Sexuality

The Globalization of Sexuality
Автор: Jon Binnie
Название: The Globalization of Sexuality
Издательство: SAGE Publications
Год: 2004
Формат: pdf
Размер: 3 mb
`Lively and engaging… the themes of the chapters are well chosen and cover areas in which several key debates have taken place’ - Nina Wakeford, University of Surrey What are the relations between homosexuality, globalization and social theory? Why has the debate on globalization paid so little attention to questions of sexuality? This timely and stimulating book explores the relationships between the national state, globalization and sexual dissidence. The book focuses on several key test issues to exploit and develop analysis:
• queer mobility
• migration and tourism
• the economics of queer globalization
• queer politics of post-colonialism
• the spatial politics of AIDS
• queer cosmopolitanism
• nationhood and sexual citizenship.
The book regains an important human dimension that has been conspicuously neglected in the wider debate on globalization.

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