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БизнесPSI Handbook of Business Security [Two Volumes]

PSI Handbook of Business Security [Two Volumes]
Название:PSI Handbook of Business Security [Two Volumes]
Автор:W. Timothy Coombs
Дата издания:2007-12-30
Размер:1.70 MB

In the most comprehensive, practical handbook on business security to date, security and subject-matter experts show how organizations can prevent or manage crises, protect employees overseas, control privacy issues, deal with natural disasters, keep electronic communication safe from prying eyes or malice, avoid workplace violence and acts of terror, assess risk, train employees in security issues, and manage dozens of other things prudent managers need to know to protect their organizations from the unthinkable. Two volumes cover everything necessary to keep people, infrastructure, and systems safer: Volume 1: Securing the Enterprise Volume 2: Securing People and Processes Covering all dimensions of security in the twenty-first century, the PSI Handbook of Business Security offers case examples, practical checklists/templates, sidebars, a glossary, resources, and primary documents—all designed to keep both employees and infrastructure safe when trouble strikes. And strike it will, making this essential reading for security experts, senior executives, line and HR managers, and anyone else with a corporate responsibility for infrastructure, processes, or other people.

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