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Бизнес90 Days to Success in Consulting

90 Days to Success in Consulting
Название:90 Days to Success in Consulting
Автор:William (William McKnight) McKnight
Издательство:Course Technology PTR
Дата издания:2009-09-16
Размер: 1 MB

Interested in entering the consulting business? Already have a consulting practice but want to take its profits to the next level? 90 Days to Success in Consulting provides an action plan for success in the ultra-competitive consulting industry. The book is designed to logically take you through the major consulting topics and provide action items to be done in the next 90 days for immediate business functions, as well as for planning the future phases of your consulting journey. The book covers the various opportunities available, including the traps and pitfalls to avoid, ensuring a successful career as a consultant.

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