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БизнесThe Portfolio Chef: Satisfy Your Investment Appetite

The Portfolio Chef: Satisfy Your Investment Appetite
Название:The Portfolio Chef: Satisfy Your Investment Appetite
Автор:Nancy Woods
Издательство:Ecw Press
Дата издания:2004-01-01
Размер: 7,6 MB

In this guide to understanding and creating a diversified financial investment portfolio, food analogies are used to explain confusing financial jargon and suggest that a healthy stock portfolio, like a nutritious meal, must be balanced. Equating bonds with potatoes, blue chip stocks with meat, and speculative stocks with desserts, this primer details the various types of investments available and explains how to choose suitable ventures. Both the novice and the experienced investor will benefit from the resources offered for using the Internet and other information sources to make informed financial choices.

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Размер: 7.63 Mb(cкачиваний: 1)

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