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БизнесEconomic Representations: Academic and Everyday

Economic Representations: Academic and Everyday

Название: Economic Representations: Academic and Everyday
Издательство: Rоutledge
Автор: David F. Ruccio
Год: 2008
Количество страниц: 344
Формат: PDF
Размер: 7 mb
Язык: English

Why is there such a proliferation of economic discourses in literary theory, cultural studies, anti-sweatshop debates, popular music, and other areas outside the official discipline of economics? How is the economy represented in different ways by economists and non-economists?
In this volume, scholars from a wide variety of disciplines and countries, from inside and outside the academy, explore the implications of the fact that the economy is being represented in so many different ways. They analyze what it means for scholars and activists in trying to make sense of existing representations-theories, pictures, and stories--of the economy. They also show how new representations can be produced and utilized to change how we look at and participate in current economic debates.
By encouraging the mutual recognition of existing approaches and exploring the various ways economic representations function in diverse venues within and beyond mainstream economics, Ruccio has produced a book that is relevant to subjects as diverse as economic sociology and anthropology, political economy, globalization and cultural studies.

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