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БизнесContracting for Project Management

Contracting for Project Management

Название: Contracting for Project Management
Издательство: Gоwer Рublishing
Автор: J. Rodney Turner
Год: 2003
Количество страниц: 176
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6 mb
Язык: English

In all but the smallest of projects the project sponsor inevitably has to buy-in the services of other suppliers. Goods and services must be bought, and this requires people to make contracts so that they know the basis on which they are working with each other and to deal with any disagreements that subsequently arise. This means that a knowledge of contracting specifically for project management is necessary if a project is to avoid difficulties and reach a successful conclusion. This volume - which stems from the third edition of the "Gоwer Handbook of Project Management" - concentrates specifically on the contracting issues that surround projects of any size.

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