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БизнесQ & A on Intellectual Property Law (2nd edition)

Q & A on Intellectual Property Law (2nd edition)

Название: Q & A on Intellectual Property Law (2nd edition)
Издательство: Rоutledge-Cаvendish
Автор: Alan Murdie
Год: 2000
Количество страниц: 350
Формат: PDF
Размер: 1 mb
Язык: English

In the 21st century intellectual property law continues to be a challenging and immensely varied subject and one of great contemporary relevance. Embracing a wide range of human endeavours from science and new technology to the entertainment industry,it is intimately tied up with the expansion of publishing and commerce over the Internet. At the same time, the courts have continued to show that many older principles of intellectual property law have a contemporary relevance and may be creatively applied to address modern problems and situations. Questions and Answers on Intellectual Property Law aims to equip students with a grounding in the key concepts in intellectual property law. With a mixture of both problem and essay questions(many based on real situations),it demonstrates how to answer both course work and exam questions effectively. It includes chapters on copyright, design rights, the law of registered and unregistered trade marks, character merchandising and malicious falsehood. Extensively revised and updated since the last edition, it provides both a valuable teaching aid and study guide.

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