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БизнесHome-Based Business For Dummies

Home-Based Business For Dummies
Автор: Paul and Sarah Edwards & Peter Economy
Название: Home-Based Business For Dummies (2nd edition)
Издательство: Wiley Publishing
ISBN: 0764577638
Год: 2005
Язык: english
Размер: 4,7 Mb

Thanks to the Internet, home-based businesses are booming. With a home computer and a good idea, you can market and sell almost anything in the world just from home. Whether you are selling homemade jams or working as a business consultant, today as entrepreneur doesn't even have to leave home.
Home-Based Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition will help you make your endeavor profitable and successful! Ideal for future entrepreneurs who have the urge and want the know-how, this updated guide includes new information on home business scams and how to avoid them, shows how to create an efficient, comfortable (but not too comfortable) work environment, explains how to put new technologies to work for you, and much more. There's even a 10-question quiz to help you determine if you are ready. You'll learn all the basics, including:

-Selecting the right kind of business for you
-Setting up a home office
-Managing money, credit, and financing
-Marketing almost anything in the world
-Avoiding distractions at home

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