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БизнесAccounting for Managers

Accounting for Managers

Название: Accounting for Managers
Издательство: New Age International
Автор: C. Rama Gopal
Год: 2009
Количество страниц: 517
Формат: PDF
Размер: 13 Mb
Язык: English

Why so many students fail in “Accounting for Managers” (different Universities give various names for this subject) in the first semester of MBA or MCA? Failure rate in this subject is more, compared to other subjects. This subject, often noticed, is the cause of anxiety for many, while preparing for exams.
Trend of admission into MBA has undergone a sea change, of late. Students who do not have any background in commerce related subject have been joining MBA. This is the primary reason. They experience difficulty in understanding the subject, with no accounting background, earlier. The second reason is with the curriculum of all most all the universities. Present syllabus presupposes that the students already know the fundamentals of accounting and starts with the preparation of financial statements.

Even students of MCA do not have any prior knowledge of this subject and read it for the first time. Good institutes provide some guidance on fundamentals, allocating two or three sessions. However, this much of teaching is not adequate. Above all, most of the books do not cover the fundamentals of accounting. Students feel shy to go through primary books to learn the rudiments of Double Entry Principles. Students often say their fundamental concepts are not clear, even after passing this subject. They find difficulty for the second semester, again, when they are to read the advanced subject ‘Financial Management’.

How to resolve the problem and provide the required level of knowledge?
I have attempted to follow the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi ‘Simple Language, Noble Thinking’ in his autobiography “My Experiments with Truth”. My conscious effort has been to make the language easily understandable and standard of content in book enjoyable.

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